Multiple combination forms of rigging

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There are two main types of rigging: metal rigging and synthetic fibre rigging.

Metal rigging mainly includes wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles, hooks, hanging (clamp) pliers, magnetic slings and so on.

Synthetic fiber rigging mainly includes rope and belt rigging made of nylon, polypropylene, polyester and high strength and high modulus polyethylene fibers.

Rigging includes: D – type ring safety hook spring hook rigging link double – ring – American – style sling bolts

Rigging is widely used in ports, electricity, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railway, building, metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, paper machinery, industrial control, logistics, bulk transportation, pipe linings, salvage, Marine engineering, airport construction, Bridges, aviation, spaceflight, venues and other important industries.

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1. According to the function and structure, it can be divided into hanging wire clips, tensioning wire clips, UT wire clips, connecting gold tools, connecting gold tools, protection gold tools, equipment wire clips, T-shaped wire clips, bus wire tools, wire tools and other categories; According to the purpose can be used for the line and transformer gold.
2. According to the product units of electric power fittings, it is divided into malleable cast iron, forging and pressing, aluminum, copper and aluminum, and cast iron, a total of four units.
3. It can also be divided into national standard and non-national standard.
4. according to the main performance and use of gold, gold can be roughly divided into the following categories.

1). suspended gold, also known as supporting gold or dangling clamp. This KIND of hardware IS mainly used to hang wire insulator string (mostly used for straight tower) and hang jumper wire on insulator string.
2). anchorage gold, also known as fastening gold or wire clamp. This KIND OF EQUIPMENT IS mainly USED to fasten the terminal of wire, make it fixed on the wire resistant insulator string, and also used to fix the terminal of lightning conductor and anchor the cable. Anchoring metal bearing wire, lightning line all tension, some anchoring metal as a conductive body
3). Connecting hardware, also known as hanging wire parts. This kind of gold ware is used for connecting insulator into string and connecting gold ware with gold ware. It bears mechanical loads.
4). the continuation of gold. This kind of fittings is specially used for connecting various bare wires and lightning arresters. The connection bears the same electrical load as the wire, and most of the connection fittings bear all the tension of the wire or lightning conductor.
5). Protective tools. This KIND OF METAL TOOLS IS USED TO protect wires and insulators, such as voltage sharing rings for protecting insulators, heavy hammers for preventing insulator strings from pulling up, and anti-vibration hammers and wire protectors for preventing wire vibration
6). Contact with gold tools. This kind of tool is used for connecting hard bus, soft bus and outlet terminal of electrical equipment, T connection of wire and parallel wire connection without bearing force, etc. These connections are electrical contacts. Therefore, the higher electrical conductivity and contact stability of the contact ware are required.
7). Fixed metal tools, also known as power plant metal tools or high-current bus metal tools. This kind of metal tools is used to fix and connect all kinds of hard buses or soft buses and pillar insulators in power distribution devices. Most of the fixed metal tools are not used as conductive materials, and only play the roles of fixing, supporting and suspension. However, since these tools are used for high currents, all components should have no hysteresis loss.

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