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Flat pad, mainly stamped out with iron plate, the shape is generally a flat washer, there is a hole in the middle. There is a calculation formula in the Standard Fastener Quality Book published by Standards Press of China. The formula is: weight of 1000 pieces m=0.00785×{3.1416/4× washer height × [square of outer circle diameter - square of inner hole diameter]}

Hebei Dashan produce Flat pad,Spring washer,Tooth shape washer.
Flat pad mainly stamped out with iron plate, the shape is generally a flat washer, there is a hole in the middle. This hole size specification is generally based on customer requirements to determine.

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Flat washers are usually thin pieces of various shapes used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent looseness, or disperse pressure. They are found in many materials and structures and are used to perform a variety of similar functions. Limited by the material and process of threaded fasteners, the supporting surface of bolts and other fasteners is not large, so in order to reduce the compressive stress of the bearing surface to protect the surface of the connecting piece, it uses washers. In order to prevent the loosening of the connection pair, the anti-loosening spring washer and multi-tooth locking washer, round nut stop washer and saddle shape, waveform, cone elastic washer are used.

Flat washer is mainly used to reduce the pressure, when some parts of the axial force is very big, easy to make the washer pressure into a disc, then can be used to use materials and improve the hardness to solve.
The locking effect of the spring washer is general, and the important parts are used as little as possible or not, and the self-locking structure is adopted. For high-speed tightening (pneumatic or electric) spring washers, it is best to use the surface phosphating treatment of the washer, improve its wear reduction performance, otherwise it is easy to burn out or open friction heat, or even damage the surface of the connecting piece. Spring washers should not be used for thin plate joints. According to statistics, spring washers are used less and less in cars.
Tooth shape elastic gasket in the connection tooth shape due to the locking force is large and uniform, used in the automotive industry more, and the interval tooth type is less.
For spring washers, elastic washers, according to the national standard, generally can choose GB699-1999 "high quality carbon structural steel" 60, 70 steel and 65Mn steel.
There are nine plain gasket standards in China. From 2000 to 2002, GB/T97.3-2000, GB/T5286-2001, GB/T95-2002, GB/T96.1-2002, GB/T96.2-2002, GB/T97.2-2002, GB/T97.2-2002, GB/T97.2-2002, GB/T97 were approved and released .4-2002 and GB/T5287-2002 standard for flat washers.

The effect of flat pads
1. Increase the contact area between the screw and the machine.
2, eliminate the damage to the machine surface when the spring pad is unscrewing. When used, it must be a spring pad and a flat pad, the flat pad is next to the machine surface, and the spring pad is between the flat pad and the nut.

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