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And ordinary through the wall screw is different in 1, the middle of the sealing screw is a sealing piece; 2. When disassembling the mold, the ordinary piercing screw is pulled out and reused. The sealing screw is sawed off the outer two ends of the wall, and the middle section is left in the wall to ensure the impermeability of the wall.

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The traditional sealing screw is a section structure, usually the whole tooth screw, welded in the middle of the sealing sheet or cover with expansion sealing ring, to prevent water from passing through the basement wall.
In order to save steel, Hebei Dashan appeared a new type of sealing screw, from a section of the structure into a three-section of the structure, also known as the three-section of the pull sealing screw.
The three-stage pull sealing screw is composed of a middle screw connected with two symmetrical end screws, the middle screw is provided with a water stop sheet and two stops, and the end screw is provided with fastening threads and fastening nuts. The two ends of the middle screw are provided with an external thread connection, and one end of the end screw is provided with an internal thread connection and the middle screw connection of the external thread matching. The connection between the middle screw and the end screw is covered with a tubular pad, the central part of the pad is a guard ring, the end face of the tubular pad is arranged along the circumference of a circle of axial column, and there is a gap between the columns. The end face of the pad is provided with a material saving hole. By the middle screw and end screw piecewise combination of water stop screw, and ordinary water stop screw used to build concrete casting mold, does not need to change the existing construction process, it is easy to promote application. After the concrete is poured and the template is removed, the end screw can be removed from the middle screw embedded in the wall for recycling, and the recovered end screw can be reused with the new middle screw.
Water stop steel plate. In the box foundation or basement, the bottom plate and the wall panel, the concrete of the roof is separately poured and tamped. When the concrete of the wall panel is poured again next time, there is a construction cold joint. When the position of the joint is below the groundwater level, it is easy to produce water seepage. In this way, it is necessary to carry out technical treatment on this seam. There are many methods of treatment, among which the most popular method is to set up the sealing steel plate
General steel plate water stop is to use cold rolled plate as the base material, because the thickness of the cold plate can be uniform, the thickness of the hot plate can not reach a uniform degree, the thickness is generally 2 mm or 3 mm, the length is generally processed into 3 meters long or 6 meters long, generally three meters good transport.

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