Professional Knowledge Of The Operating Procedures And Applications

Specified by manufacturers of rebar connection sleeves

Steel bar connection sleeve manufacturers are widely used in the engineering and construction industry, the key is to use a variety of concrete structures in the construction of steel bar lap. Striping and cold-rolled straight threaded sleeves are another way to lap steel bars. In practice, it refers to the disconnection of a portion of the longitudinal and transverse ribs at the top of the building steel bar to be joined, which is then immediately cold rolled into a general straight external thread. The rebar sleeve (i.e., the rebar connection sleeve) is joined to produce a steel connection.

First, master the basic requirements of the application of the building steel shaft sleeve and the requirements of the characteristics of the work of the steel buckle structure

The specifications of the connecting sleeve used in engineering buildings must be manufactured by reliable enterprises. Straight external thread roller with product qualification certificate, raw materials are generally high alloy steel or high quality carbon steel. The compressive strength bearing capacity index value shall be greater than or equal to 1.20 of the compressive strength bearing capacity index value of the connected steel. The application of steam insulation pipe basic provisions and practical operation characteristics are known to all. The length of the coupling sleeve is the diameter of the building steel bar. The straight external thread roller locks the two building bar wire knots of the connected building bar in the middle of the strip. Specification of connecting sleeve.

Third, the specifications and models of the sleeve specifications should be marked on the maintenance cover of the straight external thread roller. During shipping and SQL statements, it is important to maintain the joint sleeve specifications free from rust and stains.

Second, the way and process of the steel bar connection sleeve manufacturer
1. Move the two connected building reinforcing bars to the two port numbers connected to the waterproof casing, and then rotate the waterproof casing to screw the two building reinforcing bars into the waterproof casing stably.
2. When screwing the building reinforcing wire knot into one half of the waterproof sleeve, check the total number of external threads of the building reinforcing wire knot that are exposed and not tightened on both sides of the waterproof sleeve.
3. After confirming that there are exposed external threads on both sides of the connection waterproof sleeve and the total number is the same, please apply the special type of working pull or pipe pull to rotate the connection waterproof sleeve, so as to lock the two stainless steel wire ends of the connection building steel bar in the middle. Specification of connecting sleeve.

Three, the characteristics of the steel bar connection sleeve manufacturer:
1. In terms of raw materials, it uses international 45 steel bar raw materials. This kind of raw material has the unique processing technology, thus has the high specification precision and the reliable quality.
2. The bar level of the building that can be connected is also higher.
3. By our country's engineering construction quality supervision and Management Bureau inspection standard JGJ107-2010 level.
4. Tai can also reach most kinds of regulations, but also can reach the construction of each part, orientation, diameter and length of the connection regulations

Post time: Sep-07-2022